In order to help develop the gaming skills as well as the interest of the general public towards culture, leisure and entertainment, a new game concept with playful, social and intellectual attributes is born - TRENCH

Original, innovative and revolutionary, with irresistible dynamics, it will undoubtedly generate passion and have mass-appeal.

The algorithm on which it is based fully respects the mathematical and geometrical rules previously stated. These rules are clear and concise, making possible a whole universe of different strategies.

A considerable amount of cleverness and sharp strategy are required to achieve victory on the field.

Being an erudite and seductive game, TRENCH is an excellent educational as well as pedagogical tool.

It has the potential to help develop intellectual and psychological skills, as well as concentration and memory abilities. It may also help develop many other cognitive and spacial skills: imagination and abstraction, space and peripheral vision, planning and decision making, calculation and logical reasoning, organizational and mental discipline, courage and desire to win, emotional control and patience, self-confidence and emancipation, recognition of responsibility for one’s mistakes and one’s successes.

Given its singular nature, TRENCH honors its mission and discharges its duty.

TRENCH adds an extra concept to the ancient and traditional board game playing.

Presented attractively with a modern design, captivating and contagious in its singular gameplay, TRENCH is humorous, spellbinding and every challenge always produces a winner.

The board is in the shape of a lozenge, all black and white, showing a clear contrast between the playing sides with an emphasis on the two horizontal lines in its center, suggesting the trenches. Its playing pieces, of a unique artistic and aesthetic beauty, consist of geometric figures in the purest Cubist style, symbolizing the soldiers’ classic confrontation in real battlefields, from the lowly soldier to the general at the top of the pyramid of power. A set of basic, practical and well-defined rules transforms this abstract game into a unique and unforgettable moment – “Everything you can imagine is real”. (Pablo Picasso)